Art Review – Cthulhu Figurine & Book

Art Review – Cthulhu Figurine & Book


Maria Sockel

3d printing, if you understand the software, is frankly awesome. It allows people with limited hand-eye-coordination (ie; me) to create amazing sculpts. And Chronicle Books understand 3d printing very well.

And that is what this is – great 3d printing; I found this as a pair at a yard sale, but you can get them on Amazon, and that make wonderful bookends.

The model is Cthulhu in the classic Lovecraftian pose, and is incredibly detailed, resplendent with all manner of maddening runes and scripts.

The book that comes with is perhaps a little disappointing. The paper quality is fair but the writing is fairly basic, amounting to little more than some background information including quotes and examples of the image has move into cultural mainstream. There is little of interest or note.

To be honest, the book isn’t the point here – it’s the sculpture. It’s beautiful. It’s maddening…. it could have done with being a bit weightier.

But it has made my friends jealous.


If you’re looking for something to put on your Christmas stocking list, then this is it.

Final verdict: 4/6