Book Review – “Elevation” by Stephen King (2018)

Book Review – “Elevation” by Stephen King (2018)


Martin Adil-Smith

Stephen King’s latest novella, “Elevation”, sees the horror master return to Castle Rock where Scott Carey is losing weight and can seemingly make objects float just by touching them. Add in a mix of new neighbours who don’t fit in, and a town rife with petty prejudices and one might be forgiven for thinking that they were reading from King’s twitter feed where he is most vocal about what he sees as the foibles of America.  Indeed, King’s vehement anti-Trump stance is laid bare in all but name and there is a great sense of national politics, and divisions, being boiled down to the small-town level.

For all of the nuanced setup, this is a slim book at only 160 pages (akin to “Wendy’s Button Box”), and if a reader was looking for five hundred page monster then it would be better to try “The Outsider” rather than this. Additionally, as with many of King’s more recent works, I struggle to call this horror. There is no sense of dread, but rather and continued the feeling of mystery, and this had led many outlets to file this on the Thriller-shelf.

For all of those criticisms, “Elevation” is an enjoyable book… if you’re a liberal or a Democrat. Die-hard Republicans may feel that they are unfairly caricatured. Still, the characters are well rounded, and the plot does hold a certain fine distinction with shades of “Thinner” about it. The length is short and the story does not go perhaps as far as I would have liked, but it is enjoyable nonetheless.