Book Review – “Hands On Chaos Magick” by Andrieh Vitimus (2009)

Book Review – “Hands On Chaos Magick” by Andrieh Vitimus (2009)


Maria Sockel

There are two ways of approaching books such as “Hands on Chaos Magick”. On the one hand, it can be written off as new age psycho-drivel, and on the other, it can be used and adapted to give the reader some sense of inner peace and calm.

Despite the title, this is really a collection of meditation techniques with an emphasis on mental visualization, albeit dressed up in the guise of an ever-expanding pantheon of gods. For those who are willing to persevere, there is much of worth to be gleaned from this text, and early chapters are pitched to the absolute beginners, with a slow build up across its 450 pages to complex rituals and rites.

Beginning with breath control and working up, this book covers just about all you will need to know about meditation and visualization. Vitimus goes to great lengths to explain the material and ensures that it can be easily understood by even the newest practitioner. Weaving between modern self-hypnosis practices and the latest NLP techniques, there is much for even the most seasoned veteran. The book is bulky but is well divided into chapters so that it is easy to refer back to previous lessons.

To take a step back and be critical, this is a book of tools. There is little in the way of spiritual foundation – there is no worldview. Depending on your personal perspective, this may be a good or a bad thing; if you went to a class on mechanics, would you want to understand how the wrench came to evolve? That’s down to you.

But for all the criticism, this is a worthy book. You don’t have to agree with everything in it, and the contents are far from being dry or complicated. Rather the techniques do much to garner enthusiasm in the discipline, and if you are looking at developing mindfulness and inner peace, then this is a great place to start.