Book Review – “INFECTED: A Click Your Poison Book” (2013) by James Schannep

Book Review – “INFECTED: A Click Your Poison Book” (2013) by James Schannep


Editor in Chief - Richard Martin

Editor in Chief – Richard Martin

“3 Unique Storylines. Over 50 Possible Endings. Just one question… Will YOU Survive the Zombie Apocalypse? “

Click Your Poison is a multi genre series from author James Schannep. I’ve had the chance to read, or at least partially read, Infected the first book in this choose your own adventure series. The premise is great, just read along and then when given the choice, you choose, easy as that! My first few steps into the world of Infected, I chose carefully, or so I thought as what I took for wisdom and cunning from years of zombie lore in my head, lead me to my doom with hilarious results. The writing style and narration is one of a snarky, wisecracking, overseer and narrator. Some may find this style too much but if you roll with it, you soon learn the objective isn’t to just survive but to explore and to learn. Schannep has created a world which can only be understood and experienced in full if you slowly peel it all back through trial and error. Every “good” choice does not lead to success, as with life itself, it just isn’t fair.

It is worth noting I got to read the Kindle version of this book, which I would recommend. Everything is hyperlinked and connected and flows together with ease as if you’re actually playing a text adventure rather than reading a book (as there is also a print version). If you fail and don’t want to go all the way to the start the “end” page has a handy hyperlinked index to all major chapters, almost like checkpoints. Everything is crafted in such a way to make it as easy as possible to get back into the thick of it. In my time reading I probably got to see 7-8 of the possible 50 endings and I’m dying to get back for more. I found the book to be a real page turner, had I pages to turn that is. I clicked eagerly into the next situation and sat on edge to see would I survive this time. I won’t dare spoil any of it.

Schannep must be commended for the wealth of information and richness of story with Infected, and this was his first outing in the series. Though it isn’t without some flaws, I’d say little slips here and there come with the territory of creating such a sprawling story, nothing worth mentioning here as it didn’t affect the story. The characters were interesting and well fleshed out. Everyone had their place within the story and let’s just say Chekhov’s Gun doesn’t get left on the wall; everything has its place. What’s great is I’ve only seen about 30% of what the book has to offer so there’s plenty of longevity to this and I was still happy with what I read if it was a linear standalone story.

Overall, I would highly recommend anyone to go out and get Infected, with all the books in the Click Your Poison  series under £3.50 for the ebook, there’s no excuse not to pick them up. Execution was great, I found myself laughing throughout and very engaged with where the story would take me. I’ll be sure to pick it up again to see what other secrets the world of Infected is hiding. An excellent introduction to the series for me and for you if you’re into horror.

Hex Factor: 6/6

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Click Your Poison is available on Amazon