Movie Review – Echoes of the Passed (2017)

Movie Review – Echoes of the Passed (2017)


Editor in Chief - Richard Martin

Editor in Chief – Richard Martin

Director: Scott Lyus
Writer: Tony Sands
Starring: Paul Dewdney, Tony Sands and Sophie Tergeist
Runtime: 20minSynopsis (from IMDb): “A small team prepare to investigate an infamous haunted house.”

Echoes opens with the ragtag crew assembling in an abandoned old house. Frank (Tony Sands) is on tender hooks from the beginning, he can sense something isn’t quite right despite the groups best efforts to play it all down. From here the film plays out in just one room. The group sit around and share stories and exploring and discussing the shadowed past of the eerie house they find themselves in, but as the group getter deeper in conversation, the plot begins the thicken behind the scenes…

Where Echoes really comes into its own is with its powerful character driven dialogue (penned by the great and powerful Tony Sands). We have the straight talking American Liz (Sophie Tergiest), the worrisome Frank, the geezah Fred (Mac McFadden) and finally the indifferent and jaded Prof. Naughton (Paul Dewdney). There is an argument to be made that these characters come off as stereotyped, and you’d be right. But through the dialogue I was pulled in and absorbed into this brief but fantastic bottle drama.

In summary Echoes is an intimate character driven piece filled with fantastic performances with enough nuance to keep you watching in its brief 20min runtime.

Hex Factor: An Echo not to be Passed up!

Final verdict: 5/6