Movie Review – Sightings (2017)

Movie Review – Sightings (2017)


William Tooker

It is a rare occasion when you encounter a movie as baffling as Sightings.

It begins with a phone call from local crackpot Ricky (Rawn Erickson) to the sheriff’s office in the middle of the night. After lots of heavy breathing and “Oh My God” and the dispatcher sends out the sheriff.

Enter The Sheriff who is on his last shift before retirement. At this point, you can’t help but hear Danny Glover declaring himself too old for this shit. Of course, there is nothing to be found when Sheriff Tom Mayer (played by Boo Arnold) shows up to declare it a wasted call. We find out Ricky is his brother in law from his estranged wife. Ricky declares that what he saw was not the anticipated alien invasion but, in fact, a great big, grumpy bigfoot.

Cut to the next day, Sheriff Tom (now retired) is out shoveling something and he sees something in the treeline. When he goes to investigate he finds 3 dead women naked in a row in a clearing. His restless daughter Hannah (Tahlia Morgan) is delighted at the massacre because now she can be a real journalist with pictures and stuff.

Brother in law Ricky declares this also a Bigfoot operation. Ricky brings aloe vera plants with a stern and odd admonition to use them to protect his daughter the way he could not protect his vaguely absent wife. So the brand new (1st day) Detective (Kevin Sizemore) comes to town and shows up at the newly retired Sheriff’s (day 1) home acreage. It doesn’t take long for the -eyes on getting noticed by the FBI- detective too long to decide that the newly retired sheriff has been killing strange women from out of state and just where is your wife anyway? Obvs.

What is baffling about this movie is that the acting is pretty solid for the most part. Boo Arnold is believable as that character when he probably should not be. Rawn Erickson’s Ricky has a dignity that is by no means earned. Somehow his books on Bigfoot contain all the information you need to defeat the creature even though no one has captured or even seen one of the damn things. Somehow he knows that Bigfoot needs the organs of women with o negative blood.
Despite a solid cast and respectable production values, the writing does not live up to the movie as a whole. I would not be surprised to see any of these actors show up in more mainstream films but the story itself had a lot of growing up to do.

 Final verdict: 3/6