Movie Review – Streamer (2017)

Movie Review – Streamer (2017)


Editor in Chief - Richard Martin

Editor in Chief – Richard Martin

Directors: Jared Bratt and Vincent Pun

Writers: Jared Bratt and Vincent Pun

Stars: Jared Bratt, Tanya Lee and Brennan Pedde

Runtime: 78min

Synopsis (from IMDb): “When a misguided loner learns that a webcam girl lives in his building, he struggles to build a sincere relationship with both her onscreen and offscreen personas.”

Streamer is a depressing snapshot of contemporary suburban life; a life where we are as connected as we’ve ever been with social media and the internet. Yet we are more lonely than we have ever been. This is the narrative of Streamer, please don’t be worried for my mental health. The film follows Jared (Jared Bratt). He opens by uploading an exposé of his inner most thoughts to YouTube. A frustrated, regrettable decision as some family members ring to see is he alright, adding to both his emotional turmoil and sexual tension.

Jared has found a girl on a webcam (Tanya Lee), this isn’t one of those innocent cam shows either people, this man is frustrated. By pure chance one day, he see’s this girl while doing some laundry in his building. He stays up just waiting and waiting for her to come back online, to watch her silently. From here, Jared’s angst builds to a frenzy as we cannot separate fact from fiction within his mind and growing fantasy.

The social commentary is obvious yet makes for an entertaining watch. Bratt’s performance as (I assume) his fictional self is fantastic, he really drives home the persona of an awkward “nice guy” frustrated at women for giving him no attention yet having zero introspection.

In terms of story; I was unsure what direction it was going to take at times, for better or for worse, it did keep me on my toes.

Technically speaking this was produced really well, the camera work, considering Bratt was both directing and starring, he knew exactly what he wanted and executed it perfectly. The sense of frustration and claustrophobia came across very well. The whole film was shot in cramped rooms and corridors. This minimalism and repetition of locations added to the overall feel of despair, like being trapped in the Twilight Zone.

Overall if you’re looking for some compelling independent cinema, Streamer might be a film you should check out. Strong performances and an engaging story made for an enjoyable watch.


Verdict: Worth the Stream



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