Music Review – “Beyond The Pale” by Machine Head (2017)

Music Review – “Beyond The Pale” by Machine Head (2017)


Martin Adil-Smith

The latest single from Machine Head will certainly divide opinion. For my own part, I’m a lover of the Burn My Eyes and The More Things Change era, before falling back in love with Unto The Locust, which was my top album of 2011.

Honestly, Bloodstone & Diamonds didn’t do it for me, not because it was a bad album… but it just didn’t set me on fire.

And that brings us to 2018’s Catharsis, and the first single from that is Beyond The Pale released today.

Sonically, main man Robb Flynn has already said that it will not be the band’s heaviest work, focussing more on the grooves, and there is nothing wrong with a band going in that direction. However, Beyond The Pale is still a pretty heavy track… in places, and much reminds of some of the better elements of both Motorhead and Pantera.

The verses absolute crush it, but the high-end clean guitar in the chorus doesn’t just cut through, I found it jarring.

That said, lyrically this song is a call to the clans. For everyone who has ever felt on the outside – for the freaks and zeros – this is a track for you. It is an unashamed call to arms, and for the most part, it doesn’t just work well, but it also gives great hope release of Catharsis in a few times.

Nice one.

Final verdict: 4/6