Music Review – “Imperfection” by Evanescence (2017)

Music Review – “Imperfection” by Evanescence (2017)


Martin Adil-Smith

Whilst any artist or band who innovates their sound should be applauded there are clearly limits to what fans will accept.

Sadly, Linkin Park learned this the hard way with their electro-dance-genre defying single “Heavy”… and it looks like that Evanescence are set to follow in the same ill-judged footsteps with their new single “Imperfection”.

Few would doubt the talent  of lead vocalist and songwriter Amy Lee, and whilst the first two minutes of this near seven minutes long track open with her beautiful trademark piano playing what follows is bewildering composition that at best will leave fans and newcomers scratching their heads, and at worst fearing that Evanescence have become some neo-prog EBM outfit.

The use of generic synth loops and a drum machine layered over a live player is an uncomfortable juxtaposition to the soaring vocal talent and creates a confusing muddle that leaves me wondering who this song is supposed to appeal to.

For those faults, the song is lyrically strong, and the accompanying video is thematically intense playing with concepts of grief and depression overlaid with magical symbols and occult lore. The title of the track refers to not only embracing the imperfections of another but trying to raise them from their own misery at their faults.

It should be a powerful and uplifting track… but for all the positive things to be said, the ill-judged use of basic samples and too greater swing from their core sound will alienate existing fans and do little to appeal those across the genre divide.

2/6 A brave but ultimately ill thought out effort.