Music Review – “Void Estate” by End of Green (2017)

Music Review – “Void Estate” by End of Green (2017)


Maria Sockel

End of Green’s “Void Estate” follow’s 2013 “The Painstream”… and you have to ask why.

There is much to enjoy in this album; compositional it is pleasing with its strange blend of occasional djent riffs with subtle groove metal tunes which have an oddly doomy-country vibe that works strangely well.

The track shifts gently between gothic harmonies, and there is much to recommend playing this album after a big night out. It’s a comedown album

Both mixing and mastering give the whole a well-produced feel… so why am I so hesitant?

There is no nice way to say this… but lead vocalist Michelle Darkness (real name Michael Huber) is just woeful. I don’t know if it is autotuned or what, but when he switches to a gravelly tone he sounds like a comedic Marilyn Manson circa The High End of Low, and when he is trying to do a clean tone it sounds like a reedy version of Paradise Lost or Insomnium.

Unfortunately, that is not the end of the issues. Lyrically, this is a piece that is so creatively devoid that my six-year-old niece sings Stone Sour lyrics wrong… and still comes up with better tracks than this.

Opener “Send in the Clowns” is a less than engaging, but gets the benefit of the doubt.

“The Dark Side of The Sun”, to be fair is a substantially better piece, but gives way to “The Door” which is carried solely by the percussion against the vocal drone.

“Head Down” is an instantly forgettable mesh of heroin comedown, and whilst “Crossroads” (a cover of the Calvin Russell track) does bravely try to pick up the pace, it suffers from its cadence and by this point, we were all getting bored.

“The  Unseen” disappears into a b-version of Type O Negative, whilst “Dressed in Black Again” jars by crossing into some faux-goth-country territory. It’s not necessarily a bad song but doesn’t fit in the track order.

“Mollodrome” is a seven-minute dirge that is best forgotten, and  “Worn and Torn” showcases the very worst of the lyrical content. “City of Broken Thoughts” is a filler and a clone of “Dressed in Black Again”

“Like a Stranger” could easily be a suicide note, and closer “Leave This Town” would be the funeral dirge as this album is consigned to the funeral pyre.

The tragedy is that there is genuine talent in here, but there is so much that is by-the-numbers and just flat out laziness that it makes me want to shake each member of the band and bring some life back into their zombie-like performances.

As it stands, this album isn’t even a flawed piece that sits in the middle of the pack – it’s a flat out avoid, and if you don’t you only have yourself to blame.

Final verdict: 1/6