Editor in Chief – Richard Martin

Editor in Chief - Richard Martin


Richard Martin is the mind behind The Fear Merchant and is host of The Bazaar Cast.

Formerly a writer for UKhorrorscene.com one of the UK’s biggest horror based websites, he enjoys in particular; horror, sci-fi, the bizarre and more. Video game enthusiast and cinephile. Richard is the resident Toothy Podcaster.

Richard will review:

Independent films, long and short. Been an advocate for independent ventures for a number of years. Online streamers please.

Any other films of any genre, not opposed to anything. A particular fan of sci-fi, horror, thrillers and mysteries.

TV series with sci-fi, horror or mystery elements are prefered.

Video games ranging from; RPG, FPS, puzzle, adventure, casual, walking simulator would be preferred.

Books of short stories are preferred as large tomes are currently too great a task given his busy schedule. Richard is a fan of both fiction and non-fiction. Physical copies are preferred to ebooks. Please allow 3 months for a review.

More about Richard:

Lifelong enthusiast of all things macabre. Peeping through fingers since the early years, Goosebumps, Alone in the Dark, The X-files. Low budget horror was the flavour of his childhood, enjoying everything that could muster even the mildest scare in all sub genres. He continues on an almost daily basis to consume all forms of horror including movies, survival horror games, TV and the occasional novel. Horror films are mutually enjoyed by himself and his wonderful partner in crime Maeve on the weekends. Two memories really stand out in the genesis of his love of horror; from watching 10min bursts of Screamers at 6AM for two weeks after being told he was just too young by his mother. Then staying up past bedtime with the volume down low as to not wake his grandparents, soiling himself (not literally) watching Event Horizon, that is what horror is all about. The morbid curiosity that runs through all of our minds is what makes horror his genre of choice.