Maria Sockel


Maria Sockel is a London born Indian, now living in Seattle where she works as an editor by day and trains (badly) at jiu jitsu by night.

She has had a lifelong fascination with the genre ever since her older brother would recite Iron Maiden lyrics to her in lullabye form.

Maria will review:

Books, including audio and graphic novels. She loves the works of Alan Moore, Shaun Huston and HP Lovecraft. She does not want to receive any hentai or non-fiction, thank you very much.

She will accept ebooks.

Music, and in particular groove and melodic metal and rock. She likes the Foo Fighters, Muse, Inkubus Sukkubus, Led Zeppelin and  The Doors. She is also not adverse to a little acoustic now and then in the vein of All About Eve or K's Choice. She is not enamored with the likes of Napalm Death, Emperor and related bands.

She will accept MP3s.

Movies but not TV shows. She likes chillers and thrillers with strong female roles and good storytelling, but with minimum gore and minimal nudity. She likes films like Alien, The Abyss, Legend, Bladerunner, Battle Beyond The Stars, Flash Gordon, Resident Evil, The Last Starfighter. She is not a fan of the Saw franchise, Wrong Turn or Jeepers Creepers.

She will accept downloads and streams.