Simon Henleywillis


Simon Henleywillis is the man behind the scenes over at The Fear Merchant and The Bazaar Cast.

When he’s not closing up the till at the end of the day for the Merchant, Simon enjoys media of the following types: horror; sci-fi; thriller; mystery; and slasher. He has a special love for occult horror and dystopian settings.

Simon will review:

  • Films, anything from the above list of genres encompassing major studio productions all the way down to first-time short film debuts.
  • Books, with any elements of mystery or intrigue are right up his alley. Alternative history fiction is also a winner in his mind. Please allow three months for a review. Physical copies preferred.
  • Comics, of any variation. Always excited to read new material from unknown authors.
  • Video Games, indie games or short games with similar elements as above (e.g. mystery, thriller, survival).


A childhood of peeping out from behind the couch as monsters roared out of the TV and strange noises went bump in the dark countryside night left Simon with a craving for all things horrifying and shocking. The movie nights of his college years slowly boiled down from “a different genre each week” to “a different horror movie each week” and before he knew it he was jumping head first into the grisly, grotesque, and gory worlds of the likes of John Carpenter, H.P. Lovecraft, and Wes Craven. When he finds time outside of his busy day job, Simon likes to relax with a strong cup of tea and a book, a beer with mates in front of the projector screen, or rolling some dice with his D&D party.